How to Clean a Weed Grinder

How you love your pot is how you take good care of your best weed grinder. They are buddies! Otherwise you will opt to grind the bud on your fingers. That’s so much hassle and loss. Things last when they are best used and regularly maintained. Grinders like other gadgets to have special ways to clean. Well, grinders do not really need extensive cleaning. It’s not as if you smoke every second of the day right?

Proper cleaning needs appropriate materials to scrape off the dirt sticking on your grinders. These materials are so simple, commonly found everywhere in your home. But you have to be picky as well with the kind of cleaning material because it might damage your grinder rather than extending it’s useful life. Meanwhile, the process of cleaning is so easy you can finish with lesser time than grinding your pot. Cleaning of grinders do not need to be done very often but depends on how frequent you use it for grinding bud.

Remove every part of grinder.Detaching its part should be done firstly to make sure you’d be able to clean every inch of your grinder. Do it carefully, don’t get yourself in a hurry. You’d surely enjoy it more when it’s clean.

Inspect each part. Checking every fraction composing your grinder is important so you’d know which part needs more attention on cleaning. Also, look for signs of scratch or any damage.If you found one, decide for yourself to avoid banging it anywhere. That pretty helps as you can’t cast a magic to remove the scratches.

Obtain appropriate cleaning materials. Basic materials like cotton buds, isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant and small brush are reachable at home. Get all of this and start the cleaning by brushing each part, wipe it with wet cotton buds (using isopropyl alcohol) – paying more attention on hardened dirt, and then letting it dry.

Assembling of parts. Make sure each part is already free from dirt and dry before you assemble it. Make sure you have each part attached on the right fitting. And that’s it!

To have your grinder last, it is important to keep it clean on a regular schedule, depending on your how often you use it, and of course avoid banging it everywhere or dropping it on floor. Grinders help you have an easy time preparing your pot for an intense smoking shot so make sure to have it maintained for long lasting years.

Cat Water Fountain Reviews

cat-water-fountain-reviewsYour pet cats need water as much as they need food. Well, that is just the same as human beings. A big part of them is made from water and so it is on the top of their needs. To ensure that they get enough water without you chasing and monitoring their activities, it is practical to buy cat water fountain. With this, your cat will be able to get enough water they need for a day. Meanwhile, before buying one, you must consider some factors to buy the right item. These are important points to be considered so that it will meet your desires on the type of cat water fountain you love to have. Reviews are a good source for you to know what are the hot picks and features of cat water fountains worth to have at home. To name a few of these top features, refer below.

Can carry enough water for your pet/s. This depends on your preferences how many times a week you are good to refill the fountain with water. If have a busy schedule at work then you might opt for the one that could carry bigger volume. This is also dependent on the number of cats you have at home. If you only have one pet at home, then the 58-ounce capacity is already good to last for a week. However, if you have more than that, a 128 ounce is the best pick. 

Can purify and filter the water. Cat water filters that are best to have should have a double way of filtering the impurities of water. There are ones who have a combination of foam filter and activated carbon and a tango of UV purifier and charcoal filter. Either of this combo is a good pick for you to choose from. Your cat needs wholesome and fresh water, so it is a good help if the fountain has this feature.

Comes with cool features. What can you ask for apart from a cat water fountain that cleans itself? Sure there are a lot more features you can enjoy from these. Other cat water fountains have LED lights that guide you at night, so you won’t stomp on it when the lights are off. Also, there are some units that are made fancy for your choice and to look attractive in your place. Cat water fountains come in plastic, stainless steel material and ceramic. The last one is popular as it could be used as an attraction in any home. 

User-friendly. When choosing the best cat water fountain, it is wise to pick the ones that are easy to clean like that of stainless steel material. The unit that you should purchase must have comprehensive features on its proper use. It should not be complicated to operate, and the buttons must have signed on how it should be used. This is a friendly way for you to manipulate the cat water fountain without going through the manual.

When choosing for a cat water fountain, make sure to go through reviews and take note of the points noted above. It will guide you on the right machine you need for your pet that would best suit on your preferences, Meanwhile, when considering features of the cat water fountain, you must choose the ones that could give big advantage on your part. This will be a helpful tool for you as you can save your time feeding your pet with water now and then.